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Planning a Bike Tour?

Planning to go on a bike tour but don’t know where to start?

This section has been created to help aspiring bike tourers and bikepackers get started with their adventures. From useful gear, navigation planning, and choosing the right bike, all this information has been put together based on my own personal experiences and those of my guests. 

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  • How to plan a budget?
  • What travel insurance should I get for touring?
  • Should I sell or store my belongings?
  • What to do with my home, apartment, etc?
  • How to train for a long-distance bike touring adventure?
  • Planning for visas along the way.
  • High-tech vs low-tech travel?
  • Why go on a bike tour?
  • What kind of person can bike tour?
  • How to make time and go on bike tours?
  • Do I need to have previous experience bike touring?
  • Is bike touring dangerous?
  • Are there any countries that should be avoided for bike tourers?
  • What kind of bike should I buy?
  • How do I make sure a bike fits me properly?
  • Drivetrain: Rohloff vs. Pinion vs. Derailleur?
  • Tubeless vs. Clincher?
  • Choosing the correct tire size
  • Choosing a groupset?
  • Building the best sleep set-up for the job?
  • Panniers, bikepacking or hybrid?
  • Flats vs. Clip-ins?
  • Choosing a bike seat?
  • What handlebars should I put on my bike?
  • How to pack effectively?
  • Packing the bike for a flight?
  • Choosing flights and airlines?
  • Securing your bike?
  • Cycling in big cities and being traffic aware?
  • Scams, scams, and more scams?