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The Bikepack Adventures website has been designed as a collaborative community project to share amazing bikepacking routes throughout the region and for cyclists within the community to share their favourite routes.

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1-2 - Relatively level riding 3-4 - Regular rolling terrain with sustained climbing 5-6 - Rugged terrain with frequent climbs, some of which may be steep and unrelenting 7-8 - Very rugged terrain with abundant climbing, some of which is very steep and unrideable 9-10 - Numerous very steep, climbs requiring bike-pushing and/or carrying
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1-2 - Smooth riding surface with few obstacles (e.g., graded dirt roads, rail trails); suitable for novice mountain bikers 3-4 - Track has occasional obstacles and steep sections (e.g., maintained forest roads, mellow singletrack); suitable for beginner mountain bikers 5-6 - Continuous sections of track may be rocky, loose, and steep; (e.g., 4x4 roads or singletrack in rugged/rocky terrain) suitable for intermediate mountain bikers 7-8 - Narrow trail with regular obstacles, sustained steep grades; suitable for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers 9-10 - Very challenging riding with frequent large obstacles, exposure, very steep grades; suitable for advanced mountain bikers