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La Route des Montagnes

It must be stated, and stressed, that although this route has been plotted and I feel as though it is a viable route, it has NOT YET been ridden and tested. There is a good chance that some of the route is plotted on ATV trails and will need corrections to be done before it is complete. If you decide to ride this route prior to this note being edited, I would love your feedback and any re-routing you were required to do. Much appreciated. Chris

La Route des Montagnes is the toughest of the four routes I’ve created in the Gaspé Peninsula. With 7000m of climbing over 355km, you will either love this adventure, or have nightmares as a result of it. 

Taking the rider from end to end of the Gaspesie National Park over a distance of approximately 100km, you will cruise along gravel roads, pound your way up tough rocky climbs and go down some epic descents. Starting and ending at Mont-Saint-Pierre, you have easy access to the beginning of the route by driving down Hwy 132. 

One of the biggest challenges of taking on the routes I’ve created in the Gaspé Peninsula is that much of the route is off the beaten track and offers very little in terms of resupply or lodging. This means the rider will have to be complete self-reliant. In terms of safety it is very important you communicate clearly with your loved ones and let them know where you will be. Having a GPS tracker could also be very beneficial.

This route was developed by Chris Panasky, creator of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast.

La Route des Montagnes was created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only.



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