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Hasty Highlander

The Hasty Highlander is a multi-day jaunt that traverses wildly variable countryside in Central Ontario including the greatest hits of Haliburton Highlands and Hastings County. Mainly using unsurfaced terrain, the route traces up to 800 kilometres of rolling hills, hidden lakes, gritty rail trail and enticing backcountry gravel largely free of car traffic in favour of wildlife. It all feels unspoiled and in many instances rugged. Not to be overlooked is that the Hasty Highlander is within easy striking distance of major hubs like Toronto and Ottawa.  
A key feature of the Hasty Highlander is the use of an extensive network of trails including the Haliburton Country Rail Trail and the Great Trail that have been converted over from a once thriving railway that was used to support industries of years gone by. A surfeit of wilderness and local hospitality awaits any participant.  Come and find out why this place was naturally made for bikepacking. Full of thrills and challenges for cyclists of all abilities.  It is not designed to be the most gentle, direct or fastest route, but one that inspires a sense of two-wheel adventure, whilst providing eyesome scenery, rewarding riding, and plenty of memories. 

This route was developed by Matthew Kadey, creator of Bikepacking Ontario.

The Hasty Highlander was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It being featured on this website is for informational purposes only and to give a full picture of the amazing rides in the region. 

For more detailed information on this route, including the latest updates to the route and POIs, visit Hasty Highlander route on the BT 700 website.

Hasty Highlander Gallery

Alternate route options

Hasty Highlander Lake Loop

At the 260km mark of the route riders can choose to add this remote lake loop.

Note that some sections of this loop can be wet and sandy with no services. 

Here is a great write-up of the remote Lake Loop southeast of Bancroft on An Athlete’s Blog.

Algonquin Detour

There are two options for riding through the southern part of Algonquin park to Whitney. 

The first is what is plotted which involves some forest two-track riding and a stream crossing that can be off variable deepness depending on the season and past rainfall. Overall a fun, backcountry ride. 

Or riders can take this option to Whitney which involves more traditional gravel road riding and is not as remote.

Hasty Highlander Lite

Not ready to tackle the whole route. Then it is possible to ride a paired down version of the Hasty Highlander. 

The lite route is up to 516 kilometres long by avoiding the loop through Algonquin and Haliburton Forest. However, the ride between Bancroft and Haliburton is excellent. See below for an image of this route. 

Here is a smaller sized route file without POIs that can be uploaded to navigation devices like Garmin or Wahoo. 

Haliburton Forest Extension

If you would like to add some gravel and trail riding to your Hasty Highlander Lite route you can take on this add-on loop through the Haliburton Forest reserve. It starts and finishes in Haliburton. 


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