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This is a 630km mixed surface route with 10,000 meters of climbing. Beginning the ride in Rocky Harbour the ride starts off with lots of paved roads along Hwy 430 until reaching Hawkes Bay. From there it’s resource roads and the road created for the Muscrat Falls transmission line to cross The Great Northern Peninsula over to the White Bay area. Then westward (mostly on resource roads) to get to Cormack and continuing west, staying north of Deer Lake to get to Hughes Brook. A very hilly Hwy 440 takes you from Hughes Brook to beautiful Cox’s Cove where you can pick up resource roads to get north to Glenburnie in the Bonne Bay/Gros Morne area. Hwy 431 takes you to Trout River where you can pick up a dirt road to take you to spectacular Chimney Cove. Then a bit of backtracking to get to Woody Point where you can charter a Zodiac to take you across Bonne Bay to Norris Point. A short uphill from there got you back to Rocky Harbour.

This route was created and contributed by Malcolm Simpson the SlowBiker.

The Great Northwest Peninsula Bikepacking Loop was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only. For more information on this loop, go to SlowBiker Blog.

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All photos reproduced with permission of Malcolm Simpson of the SlowBiker Blog.


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