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Full Frontenac XL

This route can effectively be divided into two sections. The portion north of Highway 7 is the most difficult, with greater elevation gains and more technical dirt roads and doubletrack. At the same time, the northern section provides access to a number of Crown Land camping options, allowing for shorter days in the saddle. Meanwhile, the section south of Highway 7 follows mostly well-maintained dirt and foregoes steep climbs in favour of flowing gravel roads. Which is fortunate as bigger mile days will be required, as riders will be more dependent on the availability of public campgrounds, which can be few and far between. While the southern section of the loop can be ridden on 35mm tires, the suggested width for the northern section is 45mm.

This route was created by Adrian Grant of www.ridegravel.ca

The Full Frontenac XL was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only. For more detailed information on this route, including the latest updates and POIs, visit the RideGravel website.

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Alternate route options

Full Frontenac

This route links together several of RideGravel.ca‘s favourite dirt loops including Before the Devil Knows You’re Dirty; the Frontenac Flyer; What About Bob’s Lake?; the Frontenac Folly; the Central Frontenac Circuit; and the Filthy Frontenac, combining some of the best Frontenac County gravel into one epic loop. While it is certainly possible to complete this route over the course of a single day, it is best enjoyed as a two day dirt tour.


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