In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I’m speaking with Jon Hicken, the marketing manager of Restrap. For the past while, I had been thinking it would be great to reach out to companies whose products I have used and found to be of exceptional quality and practicality and to have them on the show. Having used their race aero bags throughout the past year, I personally believe they are second to none. After reaching out to Jon, the marketing manager, I learned that he is quite a well travelled bike tourer and bikepacker, having bikepacked and toured in Scotland, Japan, Croatia and more. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak with him and learn more about the cycle luggage industry and his own adventures.


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     BTA housekeeping: new website, Grand Depart, sponsors

~ 07m 00s     Intro to Jon Hicken

~ 08m 40s     What attracted him to bike travel, 1st and 2nd bike tour

~ 15m 00s      Jon’s bike

~ 19m 45s      What he learned through his first tour

~ 23m 30s     Cycle touring in Japan

~ 31m 30s      Pan-Celtic Race & tips on being more efficient at racing

~ 46m 30s     Restrap, how they stand out from the competition, adapting to change, innovation, sustainability

~ 01h 28m      Restrap discount code, next episode details 

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