In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I speak with Cory Mortensen about his 2-month leave of absence in which he cycled from Minnesota to California. In this story of self-discovery, Cory broke away from society’s expectations and embarked on an adventure that forever changed his life’s trajectory. After 20 years of adventure and travel, Cory has finally written a memoir on his life-changing adventure. Titled, “The Buddha and the Bee: Biking through America’s forgotten roadways on an accidental journey of discovery”. Today, we will discus Cory’s new book, how the adventure changed his life, and what compelled him to make such drastic changes to his life in the aftermath.


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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Who is Cory Mortensen

~ 06m 30s     That prompted the bike tour

~ 15m 00s      The bike and setup

~ 21m 15s       Bike touring mindset and how it changes throughout the tour

~ 36m 45s      Bike mechanical issues

~ 52m 30s      Cycling during 9/11

~ 57m 45s      Cycling across the desert

~ 01h 06m      2 fantastic things I liked about his book

~ 01h 16m       What’s next for Cory.

~ 01h 19m       Where to find out more about Cory or the book

~ 01h 23m       Ending 

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