In Episode 048 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the opportunity to talk with Ben Davies, an ultra-distance endurance racer from England that has done some epic bike touring before getting more involved in ultra-distance racing. Starting in 2017 Ben participated in the Transcontinental race and in 2019 he came 2nd place in the TCR and 3rd in the Race Across Poland. For 2020, Ben is planning an epic fast-tour from Cairo to Cape Town while raising money for World Bicycle Relief.


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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Intro to Episode, who is Ben Davies and past touring experience

~ 06m 45s     Making the move into ultra-distance racing, lessons learned in the first two attempts at TCR

~ 10m 15s     Keys to managing stop time –> Eating and sleeping

~ 14m 00s     Tips for 1st time ultra-distance racers –> Bike and gear

~ 23m 00s     Talking about TCR #7 (2019) and finishing 2nd place

~ 27m 15s     Biggest challenges about TCR, sleeping, speed, and food

~ 34m 00s     Cairo to Cape Town fast-tour, bike and setup

~ 39m 30s     Expected challenges and what he most looks forward to

~ 44m 00s     Sponsors

~ 47m 00s     World Bicycle Relief and what it is

~ 50m 30s     Where to find Ben online

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