In Episode 042 of Bike Tour Adventures, Adam Hugill and I record a catch-up podcast. In the 11 months since I last interviewed him a lot has changed. We are going to talk about how his tour changed his life, how he adapted his bike to the ever-changing circumstances of world-wide travel, where he is now and what’s next for him.

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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Intro to Episode 26 with Adam Hugill

~ 02m 30s    Cycling S. Korea and Japan and finding a new focus for his videos

~ 14 min       Contrast between Tokyo and Anchorage, modifying his bike

~ 21 min       His route in Alaska, getting to Deadhorse and highlights

~ 32m 30s    The landscape of Alaska, taking care in bear country

~ 39m 40s    Cycling in Yukon, exploring aboriginal cultures, how to lose a drone

~ 47m 40s    Vancouver, cycling the Pacific Coast Road

~ 53m 30s    People in the U.S.A, changing routes in San Francisco

~ 01h 30s     Meeting a YouTube video hero, deciding his future

~ 1h 08m      Best scenery, food, people, parties, cycling in the Lower 48

~ 1h 14m      Life after the tour

~ 1h 16m      Making YouTube videos and tips for others

~ 1h 22m      The new fatbike

~ 1h 24m      Where to find Adam Hugill

~ 1h 25m      In the next episode, Nima Khalkhali

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