In episode 040 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the opportunity to talk to Thibault and Khánh (Lea), a French and Vietnamese couple. They are trying to do something good for the world by raising money for the NGO Poussieres de Vie, which raises money to enable young kids from poor families to go to school. The name of the project they have created for themselves is called the Non La Project, and they are now around 11,000km into their honeymoon bike tour as they cycle from France to Vietnam.


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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Intro to Episode 25 with Thibault and Lea and how they started fundraising for the Poussières de Vie NGO

~ 06 min       Getting ready for the tour and getting her family on board

~ 08m 30s     What is the Non La Project and all about their bikes

~ 13m 30s     Three favourite things in their bags

~ 17m 20s     Why cycle from France to Vietnam and cycling in Europe

~ 30 min       Why they didn’t go to Turkey and cycling in Georgia and Azerbaijan

~ 37m 30s     Cycling in Iran and their amazing first days, challenges, and the Qashqai People

~ 50 min       Cycling in India and food poisoning

~ 59 min       Route through Myanmar and advice of how to stay in temples

~ 1h 4m        What is Poussières de Vie

~ 1h 6m        Dangerous situations they encountered

~ 1h 14m      Challenges of cycling as a married couple and what’s next for them

~ 1h 19m      Where people find out more about them

~ 1h 20m      Next episode … Adam Hugill

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