In Episode 008 of Bike Tour Adventures, I had the chance to talk with Marielle Jauring, a Swedish cyclist, snowboarder and surfer that goes on short bike tours, allowing her to divide her time between all her favourite sports. Listen as she shares her adventures and provides invaluable tips for females that are considering going on a solo bike tour.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Introduction to Episode 008

~ 2 min        The interconnectedness of the bike touring community

~ 3 min        Who is Marielle Jauring?

~ 5 min        How she got into bike touring, her first bike tour, and why she likes doing shorter, more intense tours

~ 7m 30s      Cycling nearly 10,000km in the United States, crossing the country the wrong way, and people telling them they wouldn’t make it

~ 9m 30        Staying in churches along the way and having a Pastor pray for Frida’s ass

~ 11 min       Why she decided to circumnavigate Australia and not just ride across it, the need to smash out 150-200km per day, and the nice thing about touring with a friend

~ 13m 30s    Why Marielle isn’t using a touring bike, having everything she needs on a trip, why two panniers is enough, and using lightweight, high tech gear

~ 19 min       Not using a Brooks saddle, not wearing biking shorts, using baby powder and vaseline

~ 21 min       New terminology – lunch ass, and having a Pastor pray for your ass

~ 23 min       Talking about cycling in Australia, people dying of dehydration, cycling in New Zealand, making the most of New Zealand’s varied landscape

~ 26m 30s    How bad the flies can get in Australia, and tips of eating and getting into the tent

~ 29 min       Cultural differences between the people of the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and Pete, the 96 year old Australian guy

~ 33 min       What kind of food Marielle eats to keep up energy stores, riding 70km before breakfast

~ 36 min       Other sports Marielle is passionate about, what her job is, how she manages her time, and what it’s like to literally work in Hell

~ 41 min       Australia statistics: Average riding distance, rest days, riding speed, riding time per day, elevation, etc

~ 50 min       What is allemannsretten?

~ 53 min       Next trip….Canada, cycling in the cold, and bears

~ 58 min       Fundraising for a dog shelter in Sri Lanka

                    Animal SOS Sri Lanka

~ 1h 2m        Touring as a solo female, keeping safe, ways of being extra careful

~ 1h 16m      Desire to inspire others to cycle and tour, and the most common questions people ask her.

~ 1h 23m      End of episode and about next week’s episode

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