Quebec Bikepacking Routes

Looking for some bikepacking adventures in your own backyard? Trying to build up to longer and more exciting adventures? Below are some of Bikepack Adventures’ favourite routes. We’ve been hard at work putting together an assortment of routes throughout the region, ranging in difficulty from 1 day to multi-week challenges. Not just the routes we’ve developed but also some of the amazing creations of adventures in the local area and further afield. As an estimate I have calculated between 80km – 120km as a typical day of riding, depending on the route conditions. This will vary based on the riders fitness and skill levels.

Dirty Mayo

This route has been created by Grant Burke. Distance 85km % Unpaved 75% Ascent 957m…

Level of Difficulty

Rather than re-creating an entirely new system of grading the difficulty of a bikepacking route, we at Bikepack Adventures have decided to use the grading system created by Bikepacking Roots. The difficulty is broken down into 2 main components: Physical difficulty and Technical difficulty. This is given an overall average out of 10 in the key stats part of the route, but is described more fully in the tabbed section under the heading “Difficulty”. For more details, read the article Rating the Difficulty of Bikepacking Routes in my blog.


Be aware that all routes published, posted and linked to are unsupported and unsanctioned with no insurance provided. All riders are responsible for their own personal well-being when riding on any of the routes on the Bikepack Adventures website and do so at their own risk. The route developer takes no responsibility for personal injury, damage to personal property or any other circumstance that might happen to individual riders cycling these route. There is no guarantee of route conditions at any given time and the route developer takes no responsibility for disrupted route conditions. You are entirely responsible for your own safety and decisions that are make including accommodation and necessary detours. It is advised to study route maps and make note of your supply options as well as possible detours. If you are not comfortable riding a section of a route take any necessary alternatives. Planning and due diligence is imperative as is riding within your means.  People “racing” the route do so at their own risk.