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The Full Monty

The Durham Destroyer routes hit the best Gravel, Dirt, Trails and Rail Trail that the Region has to offer. The Full Monty and Tapping out do venture into the Kawarathas due to their Epic Distance.
Although the official routes start in Port Perry, they can be tackled from any point along the route.
Whatever route you take, enjoy the journey and challenge.

The Full Monty

The Durham Region has countless gravel country gravel roads, rail trails that go for miles and is also home to Uxbridge which is billed as Canada’s Trail Capital. The Durham Destroyer Full Monty taps into these great resources to create a truly epic 300km gravel route. If the distance of The Full Monty isn’t daunting enough, the punchy rolling terrain will take its toll with an accumulated elevation gain of around 3000m. On route you will be treated to quite gravel/dirt farm roads, ride back in time through the undeveloped Pickering Airport Lands, rip trail sections in 7 different forest tracts, pass through the waterside side communities of Fenlon Falls, Bobcaygeon and Lindsay and hit a few sections of rail trail where you can catch your breath. Although you are away from civilization for the majority of the ride, you are never more than a couple hours away from a refueling stop. Originally designed as a challenging one day epic ride, The Full Monty can be split into a couple of days for those wishing for a multi-day bikepacking adventure.

This route was created by the Durham Destroyer.

The Full Monty was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only. For more detailed information on this route, including the latest updates and POIs, visit the Durham Destroyer website.

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Alternate route options

Tapping Out

Tapping Out is essentially the same route as The Full Monty, but allows you to bypass a 70k section if you need to Tap Out early…


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