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Quebec Bikepacking Traverse

Go across Quebec through the less explored roads. Discover the forestry and maritime heritage of La Belle Province. Meet with the people that built that nation. Relish the protected landscape of our national parks. Test your abilities on a diverse itinerary. Participate a this project to put Bikepacking on Quebec’s map and attract bicycle travellers towards us.

As hands-down the longest bikepacking route in Canada, the Quebec Bikepacking Traverse is a route unlike any other. The Traverse starts in Rouyn-Noranta, a town in Northwest Quebec’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and ends 3000km later in Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula. 

This adventures will take you through every type of terrain imaginable, from gravel roads to rail trail, singletrack, mountain passes, and forestry roads; all while attempting to keep you as far away from paved roads as possible.

This route was created by Etienne Théroux.

The Quebec Bikepacking Traverse was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only. For more detailed information on this route, including the latest updates and POIs, visit the Quebec Traverse website.

Quebec Bikepacking Traverse Gallery

All photos reproduced with permission of Etienne Théroux, creator of the Quebec Bikepack Traverse.

Quebec Traverse Segments

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Segment I

Segment II

Segment III

Segment IV

Segment V

Segment VI

Segment VII

Segment VIII


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