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High Point

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The "D"Rail-leur

This is a great introductory route for multi-day gravel riding or bikepacking. A combination of three rail trails which form a 327km loop throughout the Ottawa Valley and Lanark Highlands. With a combination of crushed gravel trail to rutted multi-use tracks commonly used by ATVs the “D”Rail-leur will provide plenty of challenge. This rail trail will take you through some truly spectacular scenery and give you the opportunity to test your gear on a longer excursion that is a relatively easy ride.

The creator of this route is unknown.

The ‘D’rail-leur was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. The creator of the route is unknown and Bikepack Adventures merely put a name to the loop. We believe this name suitably describes the route, as it is in the shape of a big D, it’s rail trail, and your bike has a derailleur. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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