In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast, Kyle Henning and I speak about his first experience bike touring, which, surprisingly, was from the lowest point to the highest point in Africa. We also talk about some of the various volunteer programs that Americans can work in such as Americorps and the Peace Corps, what it’s like to live in Ethiopia for 2 years and really dive into cycling through the region he worked. Ten years after his first adventure, Kyle wrote a book called, “From Afar: One man’s human-powered adventure from the lowest point on the African continent to the summit of its highest mountain.” All proceeds from sales of the book are going to be split between two charitable organizations: one in the USA and one in Ethiopia where he used to live. More recently, Kyle and a friend have started a long-term project that they call the Low to High Challenge, with the goal of visiting all the islands in the world with a mountain of 3000 metres or higher and riding from the lowest point on the island and getting all the way to the summit of the highest point.

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