In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I have a chance to speak with Leah Goldstein as she shares her journey with the listeners. From world kickboxing champion to working as an Israeli Special Forces Instructor, Leah has also been a national level duathlete, professional bike races and motivational speaker. As a 3 time Race Across America participant, Leah this year finished first overall in what can safely be described as one of the toughest bike races in the world.


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Show Notes

~ 03m 10s     Intro to Leah Goldstein

~ 06m 00s    Leah’s career as a duathlete and professional cyclist

~ 11m 30s     Racing RAAM and Shermer’s neck

~ 16m 45s    The mental aspect of endurance cycling

~ 22m 30s    Preparing for RAAM 2021, dealing with the heat wave

~ 34m 20s    Mental preparation for events like this

~ 42m 30s    The support crew, sleep schedules and time on vs off the bike

~ 53m 10s     Her book “No Limits”

~ 50m 00s    Growth of women participation in ultra-distance sports

~ 60m 02s     Thoughts on doing an unsupported race

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