In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I catch up with Layton Keddy while he is in Australia. In 2019, Layton decided to leave Saskatchewan, Canada, and go explore the world by moving to Australia so as to be able to work and travel.  With bike in hand, he would use his holidays and breaks to explore the vastness that is Australia and Tasmania. When an opportunity arose for him to take his work experience to Papua New Guinea, Layton was thrilled to have the chance to learn about a completely different way of life and experience their culture by bike.


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Show Notes

~ 02m 00s     Who is Layton Keddy; Bike touring Indonesia; What people back home thought

~ 06m 40s     Random decision to cycle to Costa Rica that lasted 16 months; getting robbed

~ 12m 20s      Moving to Australia

~ 14m 50s      Layton’s touring rig and bike setup

~ 19m 00s      Custom made panniers; favourite things he carries

~ 24m 00s      Challenges with recording and capturing video; how Layton measures distance

~ 27m 30s      Highlights of cycling in Australia; where he would avoid going

~ 33m 40s      Australias hidden cycling gem + Tips and Tricks 

~ 37m 30s      Cycling in Papua New Guinea & advice for cycling PNG

~ 52m 00s      What’s next for Layton –> Tasmania to Cape York

~ 01h 03m      The legends of bike touring: Heinz Stucke & Tilmann Waldhaler; sleeping without and tent and other tent talk

~ 01h 13m       Credits and next episode

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