In Episode 039 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Viktor Zicho, a 26 year old Hungarian citizen that is currently from Hungary to India on a recumbent bike. Not just your everyday adventurer, Viktor combines his favourite pastimes of photography, climbing and travelling in to one amazing lifestyle. Don’t miss the bonus section where we discuss his spending 4 weeks in Pakistani prison for illegally crossing the border.


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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Intro to Episode 24 with Viktor Zicho and all about him

~ 4m 30s      Motivation for bike tour to India

~ 08 min       Viktor’s recumbent bike and all about it

~ 19 min       Cost of the tour and sponsorships

~ 21 min       Talking about the tour, how different Turkey is from Europe, and his route through Turkey

~ 27 min       Riding through Iraqi Kurdistan

~ 34 min       The terrible highway experiences riding from Kermanshah to Tehran, Iran

~ 42 min       Becoming famous in Tehran and cycling Chalus Road to the Caspian Sea

~ 52 min       Central Asia: 2 weeks in Khorog, Tajikistan, cycling into Afghanistan and through the Wakhan Corridor

~ 1h 3m        Illegally crossing into Pakistan & Tips for cycling in Afghanistan and Pakistan

~ 1h 11m      The people of Northern Pakistan and being hosted by a Prince

~ 1h 16m      Most amazing part of the trip

~ 1h 21m      What parts of his bike needed fixing after finishing the Hindukush

~ 1h 24m      Temporary goodbye

~ 1h 25m      Catch-up call after he gets out of prison

~ 1h 28m      What it’s like in a Pakistani prison and getting saved by his government

~ 1h 32m      Conclusions and next time on Bike Tour Adventures

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