In Episode 028 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Jonas Deichman, a German ultra-endurance cyclist and motivational speaker. During this interview we talk about how he went from being a guy that did an 18 month world tour to becoming a professional ultra-endurance racer, a holder of two world records for being the fastest to cycle across Eurasia from Portugal to Vladivostok, Russia and also for cycling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina following the Pan-American Highway.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro of Jonas Deichman

~ 2m 30s     Doing a world-tour part-time as a university student, budgeting, and what he learned from his first world tour that helped him with his world records

~ 6 min        Daily riding distance, rest days, what made him think he could set a world record

~ 7m 30s      How Jonas prepared for his Eurasia world record ride, and then for the Pan-American, average daily distance, 

~ 9 min        Discussing his two world-records, difficulties he faced with his bike and weather, the condition of Russian roads and what it’s like to ride there, and tips for successful riding in Russia

~ 14 min      Best part of riding across Eurasia, keeping himself motivated on a daily basis

~ 16 min      Discussing the bikes he used for the Eurasia ride, Pan-American Solo, and his upcoming Cape-to-Cape

~ 17m 45s   What kit he takes with him, how he balances the needs and wants, his luggage weight, and how much water he carries

~ 21 min      Issues with mud on the Dalton Highway, what tires he uses,  

~ 23m 40s   Highlights of the Pan-American ride

~ 26 min      Dangerous situations while on the trip

~ 29 min      The headwinds of Patagonia and tips for making progress and why the wind was worse in Peru

~ 32m 45s   Bypassing the Darien Gap

~ 34m 20s    Cape-to-Cape world-record attempt and why he is riding with a partner

~ 37m 30s    Bikes and gear, dealing with the heat of riding in Sudan

~ 40m 45s    Challenges and benefits of riding with a partner

~ 46 min      Politics and the challenge of deciding on a particular route

~ 51 min      Anticipated daily distances through Europe and Africa, most important piece of equipment

~ 53 min      Someone that has had a huge influence on who he is today and what advice he would give others

~ 57 min      What’s next for Jonas Deichman and his ultimate goal

~ 60 min       Difference between supported and unsupported race speeds, growing strength of female ultra-endurance cyclists

~ 62 min      Working as a motivational speaker

~ 63m 30s    Next week on BTA, Matt and Becky

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