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Canadian Shield Bikepacking Route

The Canadian Shield Bikepacking Route is part of the Bikepack Adventures Grand Depart routes. This route combines both the Canadian Shield 400 and the Northwest Quebec Explorer, giving the rider a total distance of 900km and 10,850 metres of elevation gain. 

This route will take you through, over and across some of the most rugged and beautiful parts of Western Quebec. With the vast majority of the route being unpaved, this route takes you over hills and mountains, around beautiful hard to reach lakes, on some of the best rail trail in the region and along backcountry roads that are for the most part free of traffic.

Within close proximity of Ottawa and Montreal, the CSBR isn’t very far from a big city. Featuring national and provincial parks, ski hills, nature reserves and rail trail, the route will take you through forests that were once the building block of this country.

This route takes you through some difficult terrain that will reward you with epic scenery, amazing riding and an adventure you will never forget. 

* Elevation denoted based off statistics from RideWithGPS. When more accurate numbers present themselves, this will be updated.

This route was created by Chris Panasky, founder of the Bikepack Adventures Podcast.



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