Bikepack Adventures Podcast

The Bikepack Adventures Podcast, formerly known as the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, began in 2019 on the premise of interviewing bike tourers from around the world to hear their story and get to know more about the people from this community of travellers. 

With the growth of bikepacking, I began to explore more off the beaten track and in 2021 I created the Bikepack Adventures website to share bikepacking routes throughout the region as well as other pertinent bikepacking information. Of course, this resulted in a broader spectrum of guests on the podcast, having grown from a focus on bike tourers to now include bikepackers, ultra-distance cyclists and bikepack racers. 

Changing the podcast name from the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast to the Bikepack Adventures Podcast, was simply a means of bringing both websites together. I have every intention of continuing to interview a broad range of cyclists and hope that you continue to enjoy the content I produce.

I want to start off by welcoming all visitors to Bike Tour Adventures. All my blogs posts and podcast episodes can be accessed through my website. This podcast is about bike tourists, for bike tourists. These interviews will help bike tourists share their journeys, adventures, and experiences through interview style episodes. Chris