The Baby-O is meant to be a slightly less challenging route through the Gatineau Park. It follows some of the route of the Grand-O, but sticks to the easier path when possible. It’s also a much shorter route, making it achievable in a day for most ridings with a good endurance base. While the beginning includes a large amount of climbing and more technical terrain, the trail gets smoother and easier going once you clear Meech Lake. After that you will be cruising up past Lac Phillippe along some nice wide double track before turning onto Chemin Eardley-Masham and getting onto the gravel roads. After reaching Lac des Loups you will cut back into the Gatineau Park along a service road. Beware that the bridge along the road is out and will require you to ford the creek. After a short stint on paved roads between Saint-Louis-de-Masham and Saint-Cécile-de-Masham you get back on some wide track as you make your way towards Wakefield before catching the rail trail down to Old Chelsea. A nice route for a 1-2 day trip. You can pack as light as you like or can take necessary camping gear and have a great time in nature.


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