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Addington Highlands Bikepacking Loop

The history of the Addington Highlands is a rich and colourful one. Starting with its first peoples, the Ojibwe, whose sacred pictographs featuring the creator (and trickster) Nanabozho adorn the 100m high Mazinaw Rock. Next to leave their mark were the Irish, who arrived in great numbers in the early 19th century to supply the manpower necessary to support the booming logging and milling industries that fed the international appetite for Canadian timber. Then, as was often the case, farmers were lured to the area with promises of free and freshly deforested land, only to find the rock hard Canadian Shield ill-suited for anything but the most hardscrabble sustenance agriculture. Similarly, prospectors arrived but soon found little more than low-grade ore.

By the early 20th century the area, anchored by Bon Echo, became a summertime tourist destination for those looking to escape the cities and commune with nature. Today, not much has changed with hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, dirt roads and ATV trails providing unlimited opportunities to hunt, fish, or simply explore.

This 257km bikepacking route samples some of the best and most challenging scenery the Addington Highlands has to offer. While the route itself is not particularly long, don’t take it lightly. It includes a number of steep climbs and many kilometres of muddy/sandy dirt roads and ATV trails. So it is recommended that anyone attempting this loop[ budget three to four days to complete (and enjoy) it.

This route was created by Adrian Grant of www.ridegravel.ca

The Addington Highlands Bikepacking Loop was not created by the team at Bikepack Adventures. It’s sharing on this website is for informational purposes only. For more detailed information on this route, including the latest updates and POIs, visit the Ride Gravel website.



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